Feb 2013 11

Follow the link below for the greatness that is The Line Cook Song official music video!

Sep 2012 25

We are well on our way to filming a music video for one of our favorite tracks from “Southern Lovers”, The Line Cook Song and we wanted all y’all to know that it will be a one night only shoot and if any of you out there have input towards that artistic endeavor or want to help out, please feel free to contact us here or on ye ol’ facebook (click the link above to discover the wide world of Villain Family social media). For the aforementioned video shoot we need volunteers to help corral, feed, clean and act. Have found your special purpose or talent? want to have it contribute to this most awesome of awesome undertakings? HIT US UP, YO!!!!


Athens, GA- We are very excited, neigh, THRILLED to be performing at the famous 40 Watt Club on the Friday before Halloween. Already our friends and families and fans are coming forward and expressing there divine interest in making the journey over there with us. WE LOVE YOU FO’ DAT! Anyone out there who wants to join in on this adventure contact us and your friends and lets show ‘em how we get down. Carpool and lodging options are available and needed ( yes, at the same time)

Sep 2012 25

Sep 2012 21

dig the write up, y’all!

Sep 2012 02


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Well, summer has come and is heading out. We have braved some severe illness and much change on our personal home fronts.

And yet we remain!

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all this and even more that can’t fit into text here awaits all of our friends, fans and families!

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